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Unbound, by Lola James a Paranormal Romance (Book 2 of the Spellbound Series) 

Unbound, Book Two of the Spellbound Series

Toni went from being a doctor, to the lover of a god in an instant. Remembering who she was, she’s now torn between her past self and her current love. Ben is stunned when Toni leaves and at the arrival of his long lost love, Catherine, but her arrival doesn’t eradicate Toni from his mind. Unlikely allies will team up to get Toni back from the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, but it’s not Hades they need to worry about.
**This Book Includes Sexual Content**

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My Review (18 and up)

First off, you have me “hooked” when you write the character Hades as a kinda good guy. I have always thought that he might just be understood. That his fallout with Zeus was possibly just a little brotherly misunderstanding? Anyway….write a well written book that has vampires, witches and mythological Greek gods? I am all over it. Lola James did just that. I know that I don’t talk about it much (I need to remedy that) but since I was about 6 years old I have been what you could call a mythology geek.  Toni’s discovery that she was the lover of a god is like my ultimate fantasy (sorry honey). She doesn’t stop there though, she has not one, not two, but THREE  hot guys clamoring to be her first choice not to mention Gods clashing all around her while she is attempting to make the difficult choice between her past and her present.What a hard life huh?  Imagine discovering that you in fact are not yourself but a person who has been under a centuries long spell? Crazy. With all the twists and surprises in Unbound you will not be disappointed. All the characters lives are woven together in an interesting fantastic way.  Toni’s journey into the Underworld will have you glued to the page along with all the other back stories intertwined make this a terrific read. Gods, magic and sex. Could you ask for more?

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