About Me

Jen is a 30-something (crafty) mom of 3 & wife of a truck driver.

She is the owner, editor & creator of My Crafty Life, TGO Designs and The Crafty Cauldron.



She is relentlessly patient, always sarcastic, has the mouth of a truck driver (ironic, huh?) &  is obsessed with the supernatural (especially Jensen Ackles, but that’s a story for another day.) She is a chronic pain & fatigue fighter, PCOS survivor. She was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She is probably the most stubborn person you know. Jen doesn’t believe in organized religion, but is fiercely spiritual & believes strongly in God & Karma. She is a Pisces & fully embodies the water sign. Loves oceans & the beach. It’s where she most feels at home. (Cape Cod & Rhode Island beaches to be specific!) She is addicted to smart phones, the internet and all types of technology. What she loves the most though is spending time with her family in any way shape or form.




She currently resides in the MidWest but is a New Englander at heart.


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