#Excerpt The Most Happy by Holly-Eloise Walters

The Most Happy by Holly-Eloise Walters

A wonderful window into the mind of the iconic Anne Boleyn.

Step into her world as she retells her story. We know what history has told us. But we are yet to know the woman behind the legend. Take a peek inside and see what she has to say about her life and legacy. “Many have tried to tell my story … but none have told the truth. I will have my say.”

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“I wanted him to love me in the way he loved life. To need me in the same way he needed air. I wanted to be the thing that made his heart beat. To be his every thought, every word and every need. I wanted him to run mad with desire for me. To see me in his dreams. To feel me long after I had gone.”

About Holly-Eloise Walters

Holly-Eloise is from Bristol, England. Her lifelong passion of all things history, especially Tudor history, has imbued her with a feeling of connection to Anne Boleyn, the Queen of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Holly-Eloise feels a kinship with the strength and sense of self that Anne displayed.

Holly-Eloise comes from a large family (she is the eldest of seven!) and family is most important to her. Her family includes many friends, both in England and online. Holly cites her nan as her biggest influence as she urged Holly to read anything and everything, and in doing so, Holly found her passion for writing. “I am extremely passionate about writing and have found that it is something that has been given to me to put my stamp on the world. I love that I can talk through my writing.”

Holly-Eloise’s debut novel, The Most Happy, presents a new and fresh look at the life of Anne Boleyn. Her novel was published on October 5, 2019 to amazing reviews!

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