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A message from The University:

You may have heard some rumors about professors and students going mad while studying here at The University of Corporeal & Ethereal Studies. While there have been some instances of…instability…we want to assure our new class of incoming students that these rare psychotic episodes only ever occur when students and staff fail to follow protocol during experimentation with the supernatural. It should comfort you to know we have renovated Fort Seiko into an asylum for the criminally insane, just a few kilometers into the forests outside of town.
There are also vivid reports of violent and gruesome deaths at the University, both among faculty and students. These stories are true, but assuredly exaggerated. Such incidents are also the result of students and staff breaking safety regulations and allowing curiosity to get the better of them. As long as you obey the instructions of your teachers you should be safe during your time here.
While we explore the mysteries of the Universe and the dark Beyond, safety is our first priority. Please rest assured that non-disclosure contracts students sign, and the security officers patrolling the campus grounds are in place for your protection. More importantly they are there for the protection of the ground-breaking research in supernatural and otherworldly elements you will have the opportunity to study. Just try not to get in over your head.
If you are fortunate and ingenious enough to make a breakthrough in whatever arts or sciences you study, you may get to experience the ultimate level of safety and security we have built on campus. Icarus Hall is where the most prestigious and classified experiments are kept, guarded by a series of locked portals and guards within a windowless building of stone and metal. Do not be alarmed by any noises, smells, vibrations or extrasensory anomalies you may experience when near Icarus Hall. Study hard and you may get the honor to work inside this most exclusive tower!
Good luck in your studies and remember, curiosity is vital, but safety is grave.The University of Corporeal & Ethereal Studies Safety

CorporealEtherealStudies_FrontCoverPromoPrintAbout the book: 

At the University of Corporeal & Ethereal Studies meddling with unknown powers can be dangerous work. Courses in arts and sciences experiment with supernatural forces to solve the mysteries of the universe, but when school projects go awry, the students may discover more than they would like to about the madness of the cosmic ‘Beyond’.
Eight interwoven stories follow students whose school work, social lives and inner demons crash together, leading to fantastic and horrible experiences, supernatural powers, and a fuller understanding of the dark depths of their world.
Classes include subjects such as time travel, alchemy, oneironautics , psychedelic transformation, rogue automatons, cosmic ghosts, reality-warping crystals, and more.
Inspired by many authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror, including H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Kurt Vonnegut and Isaac Asimov.

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Wolfgang Edwards was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1987. He has been an aspiring writer since he was a child and intends to keep writing the rest of his life.

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