Plagues of Eden by Sharon Linnea and B.K Sherer #bookReview


plagues of edenThe Wheel Spins. Chaos is Unleashed.


The race is on to stop a madman bent on unleashing the ancient plagues of Egypt against the modern world. Tel-Al-Balamum, Egypt. The dig of an ancient temple is decimated by fiery hail from the heavens. And that’s only the beginning.

Buenos Aires. Paris. West Point.

The countdown has begun. Only Army Chaplain Jaime Richards, along with rock star Mark Shepard, can stop the catastrophe and save the mysterious Sword 23 from the clutches of a psychopath… if they can find the true mastermind in time.


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My Review:

The concept of this book was fantastic. It was something that you could actually picture happening now. Plagues of Eden had fantastic pacing, a terrific mystery and well developed characters. All things that are important to me in a book. I have not read the previous trilogy of the Eden books but I was not lost at all and had a easy time keeping up. I read it when I was recently sick and needed a distraction. It definitely delivered. It reminded me of a religious version of the Steven White books. I highly suggest you pick it up or put it on your TBR. I am really curious now to go back and read the previous books.

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About the Authors:

Sharon Linnea is the author of the new mystery These Violent Delights as well as the four Eden thrillers, Chasing Eden, Beyond Eden, Treasure of Ede and the new Plagues of Eden. She has also written award-winning biographies of Raoul Wallenberg and Hawaii’s Princess Kaiulani. She lives outside New York City with her family.
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plague author 2B.K. Sherer holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Education from Oklahoma State University. A Presbyterian minister, she serves on active duty as a chaplain in the US Army, currently stationed at West Point. The authors first collaborated on a play about the French Underground for their sixth grade talent show in Springfield, Missouri, and have been friends ever since.

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