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The year is 2019. The Watchers maintain a state of constant surveillance: guns are outlawed, media is censored, and unmanned drones patrol the skies.

Derrion Parsing is a high school senior and the son of an ex-Army Ranger. Unlike his classmates, he has access to information from the time before the Invisible War, when the government shut down the Internet, reformatting into a propaganda tool. When Derrion attempts to use this information as part of a school project, he awakens to his worst nightmare.

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My review:
Normally a book that is so realistic and so close to home is one I can’t finish. In a world where the government has truly taken over our lives, privacy is null. Internet is gone and you are under constant surveillance. I think this book is a must read, especially for the people I constantly are declaring our government has too much control. Apparently, it could be worse.

For a short book, 98 pages, it packs a punch. It’s thought provoking, chilling and a total page turner. The beginning had me confused for a second until I quickly saw how it all tied in. I am seriously at a loss for words. The book totally exceeded my expectations.

Darrion is thrown into a terrifying situation after a tid-bit of information he is in possession of is brought to light and the absolutely wrong people are made ware of his existence and the type of info he has in his possession. The chilling part about this book is most of the technology is already in our possession, it’s only 5 years in the future and I can honestly see this happening due to the path our country is heading. It’s the result of too many roosters in the hen house… much control given to the wrong people. This book is so reminiscent of 1984 and the Terminator movies. What happens when we become complacent and give up too much?

Speaking as a person who normally chooses to read fantasy books where vampires roam and wolves howl, I am so glad I took the time to read this book. 5 stars all the way.

K. M. Douglas grew up in Northeast Ohio and studied creative writing at The Ohio State University. He lives in Rainier, Washington with his wife, cat and two dogs.
In the Place Where There is No Darkness is his first novel.

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