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drake_series_book_1_cover_v1Episode 1: Emergence

Lost to myth and legend, few believed that dragons were real, and still fewer believed they could ever return. When a covert operation resulted in their release, all the might and power of the world couldn’t hold them back. With the world on the brink of defeat, the few who remain must grapple against all odds to combat an enemy that nearly drove us to the brink of extinction once before – and which is about to do so again.

From bestselling author Mike Kraus (Final Dawn, Prip’Yat) comes a new, five-book series: Drake: An Oral History of the Dragon War. In what can be best described as “World War Z with dragons,” Drake portrays a realistic, scientific history of the emergence of the drakes, and humanity’s subsequent battle just to stay alive. The gripping 5-part series will take you around the world, examining the history of the war from all sides: political, military, civilian, scientific and more.

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My review:

This book is stunning and fantastically written. I am in awe at how well the author sucks you in and you almost feel like you are in the book. You forget that you are reading. The book is a series of interviews about the Dragon Wars. US, Korea and China make a series of really bad tactical decisions and it puts the entire world at risk.

It was interesting to read the individual interviews, how much they varied in accounts, the type of info military vs civilian were divulging. It was exactly the way I would imagine it if it truly did happen. The interviews create a different style of writing that you do have to get used to.  Once you get with the flow with the book you fly through it. My husband is even reading it and he usually sticks to audio books. The details are so BELIEVABLE.  Drake is short, 88 pages, but it packs a ton of information in those pages and by the end you will want to read the next book. Great start to a new series. Dragons, conspiracy and human error create an awesome dystopian read.

20130531_mikekrausheadshotProfessionally trained as a Systems Engineer, Mike has been a writer his entire life, spending his summers as a child writing of daring adventures and epic science-fiction exploits in a college-ruled notebook instead of playing video games. That love of writing stayed with him until it finally burst forth in the form of “Final Dawn,” a thrilling post-apocalyptic series released in an episodic format that has sold over 70,000 copies and counting. Final Dawn was followed by two other stand-alone books, “Prip’Yat” and “Cold Springs,” and Mike’s latest work is a new five-part series titled “Drake: An Oral History of the Dragon War.” Mike currently lives in Mississippi with his wife and three children and spends his days writing (of course), programming and tinkering on his PC.

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