Words: Spoken and Unspoken Forces by Anita Saleem #excerpt

WordsBannerWORDS Cover Version 04_1400x2100Words: Spoken and Unspoken Forces provides the key to understanding the secret power of words and traces how this power is activated by drawing references from various authors and experts in psychology, philosophy, medicine, and semiotics.

The author presents a theoretical model to understand why words affect individuals by suggesting that words color emotions, shape behaviors, and influence physiological functioning to create an overall impact (whether positive or negative). Drawing upon several scientific studies, this book will help the reader understand why words are spoken and unspoken forces that have the potential to shape the future.

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We have established that energy never “goes away,” but simply changes form. Now coming back to our original context, we see that since sound doesn’t die we can safely conclude that words never die. They change form but are never completely abolished. Words can enter our lives by our surroundings (other people), or they can leave our system (our body) and cause a change in our surrounding, but they never leave the universe (our atmosphere). So each word that every human being has uttered stays in the atmosphere. It becomes all the more important for us to be careful before we speak anything as Earl Wilson says, “if you wouldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it.” Spoken words are as important as written and signed contracts and should be treated likewise. We think several times before signing a contract, but seldom consider thinking before opening our mouths.

Another point to observe here is that according to physics, our words (or sound energy as physicists put it) can affect our surrounding (since it is in the environment that they are converted to another form of energy). We already know that harsh words can cause people to turn away from us while soft words can bring them comfort. We see that physics supports our notion that:

1. The energy of words never dies.

2. Words that we speak have an effect on others.

3. Likewise, the words that others speak affect us.


About the Author:

anitaAnita Saleem holds an MS/MPhil in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. She was born and raised in Pakistan where she currently teaches Psychology to undergraduates at Forman Christian College. At the age of 25, she is a lecturer, an author and a researcher who best expresses herself through her writing. She frequently pens articles for local newspapers on culture, arts, faith, tolerance and relationships.

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