War of the Heavens: Leviathan by Charbel Tadros


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Nigel survives a car crash, while his whole family perishes in the accident. With the help of his later-to-become girlfriend Vicky, he overcomes the tragedy and makes his way to college. As they are about to graduate, Vicky convinces him to embark on a strange project involving crystals and magick, with a “k” (meaning real magic). Little did they know that this project would open for them the gates of other dimensions including the world of the gods, the world of the muses and the demons, the world of the dead and many more. But why were they called there?


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My review:

I am a huge fantasy fan. Anything that deals with mythos and theology blend I am even a bigger fan of.  I loved all the terminology and the unique take the author had on the battle of good vs evil.

Messing with crystals and magick brings two young scientists into worlds that they have only heard of in books. With the awesome imagery Charbel delivers you feel like you are right on the journey with them. They encounter demons, gods (like Apollo) and even muses. I really liked the way all the worlds were expertly pieced together and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting all of them.

This book might not be for everyone. It can be verbose. I thoroughly enjoyed it from a fantasy and mythology lover standpoint. I liked the way it was all brought together a lot. If you are a huge fantasy fan like me, you will love it. I am totally looking forward to the next book. This is a start of a great series!

About the Author:

Charbel Marcellino Tadros was born on July 16, 1988. He is an avid reader and has been writing since a very young age. He holds a BA in English Pedagogy from the Lebanese University and is working on his MA in Special Education at Notre Dame University. He currently is the Career Counselor at Eastwood College in Mansourieh, Lebanon and is a freelance contributing writer for many different magazines and blogs including the Red Carpet Magazine.

For more information, Charbel is almost always available to answer his mail. He can be contacted through charbel.tadros{at}gmail.com or through facebook.com/charbel.m.tadros.

In 2010, Charbel published his first novel, “The Destined Journey”, which turned out to be a success in Lebanon and the world. Later on, he published a spiritual poetry collection entitled “When the Spirit Speaks”. Most recently, he published “Leviathan”, the first part of his “War of the Heavens” series.

Charbel Tadros is a founding member in the WataniY and SeedArz organizations. He was a charter member in the Lions Clubs International and was the founding president of the Angel Guardians. He has been in many local and international interviews talking about his earlier publications and has lectured about many topics including spirituality, teaching, special education and career planning. Currently, he lives in Brummana, Lebanon with his wife Christine.

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