Ting Tang Tony by Kat DeSalle and Kristin Leigh

Ting Tang Tony: And the Tale of the Little Erection That Could (Has-Been Series Book 1) Book Cover Ting Tang Tony: And the Tale of the Little Erection That Could (Has-Been Series Book 1)
Has-Been Series Book 1
Kat Desalle and Kristin Leigh
Romantic Comedy
ED Productions
September 18, 2014
194 pages

G-Strings, fake bodies, what lubricant to use, and which angle looks best on camera, these are all things Tony knows. What he doesn’t know is how to pursue a real relationship, one outside the industry that’s making him retire and leaving him behind. Tony DiMarco, aka Ting Tang Tony, made a big name for himself— regardless of being small— in an industry where size truly does matter. He’s had a long career hiding behind a camera lens where his shortcomings didn’t affect him at all. At 38 he’s forced to find a real life where hopefully size doesn’t matter.

The last place he thought his life would change was in Florida. Tripping over the gorgeous and upstanding, Emily Grant snapped him out of the pity-pot he was just about to take a bath in. However, having never dated outside the industry has him second-guessing everything. How would someone possibly want his “Little Engine that could”. Can Tony open up about his playboy-style career, and more importantly, can he overcome the insecurities that he’s shoved aside until now?

Tony’s got his work cut out for him, he needs to penetrate the walls Emily’s built to protect herself and her own insecurities. Will she be able to handle Tony’s crazy double life he’s trying to hide from her, the one he lives back home in LA? There’s a small chance it might work, that it might fit—something Tony certainly isn’t used to. This may be his one opportunity to find that missing puzzle piece he’s only been able to fantasize about.

The whirlwind journey these two set out on will keep you rooting for the underdogs, and teach you that it’s not always the size of the package that’s important—it’s what’s inside that matters most.


My review: Let me start by saying that I have never laughed as hard as I did reading a book. Ting Tang Tony is waay more than just a romantic comedy or "erotica". Who knew that a washed up porn star could be so endearing or lovable?

Let's start with Tony. I loved his inner turmoil. It totally made sense. He was surrounded by people but when it came down to it was totally alone. His whole life has been defined based on a lacking of "girth" but despite this, he finds a way to persevere and make use of other talents.  He's a catch. Really. He lasted most of his life in porn, didn't lose himself and still came out on top.

Then there's Emily. She is the female version of Tony minus the porn career. She is super insecure but also, like Tony, lonely. But in Emily, Tony finally finds, after all his life of pleasing others, he found someone to please him.

I don't usually like stories with a male perspective because chicks have a hard time grasping the male psyche but Kristin and Kat nailed it. His inner dialogue was awesome.

To get right down to it, I loved this book. It's a must read. It's sexy, hilarious, charming and down right raunchy in parts. A perfect read.

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And you will want to read Out With A Bang  (a prequel to Ting Tang Tony)

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