Annie Crow Knoll by Gail Priest #bookexcerpt #bookreview #giveaway

Annie Crow Knoll-Sunrise is the story of a place where people come to restore their spirits, heal their pain and reclaim their lives. Annie is a determined young woman who is left to run her family’s property after the death of her parents. Managing fourteen summer cottages with only the help of a family friend, […]

Within the Realm by Jillian Neal #booktours #bookreview

Jillian Neal is a master with words. She makes the characters pop off the page and makes you want to hug them when they are sad. I am absolutely in love with the world that the author has created.

Last Day by Richard LaPlante #bookreview #booktour

Decisions are made, choices are presented, and it all plays out in a remarkable story.

Defying Fate by Lola James Release Day!!!! #bookrelease

  Defying Fate by Lola James Love… Death… Fate! Megan opened her heart and defied her fate for love. Alex wanted nothing more than to be with Megan, no matter the cost. After a vision meticulously unravels her existence, Megan wonders if their love worth death? To escape her demise, Megan enlists the help of […]

Barely Alive Author Bonnie Paulson #authorpost #booktour #books

  Enter the giveaway  About Heather by Bonnie R. Paulson Adopted by freakishly cruel people and teased by the popular girls in school, Heather isn’t as surprised as she should be when she (along with majorly rude cheerleaders) is abducted by a group of drooling teenage boys. Why wouldn’t something so odd happen to her? […]

Swept into Darkness by Lataeya Lane #booktour #bookreview

The characters are awesome and very well developed.

Cache a Predator by M. Weidenbenner #bookblast #giveaways

$50 Amazon Gift Card and a signed copy of the book

Wilted Wings by Shadow Stephens #bookevent #giveaway

Enter to win a Kindle Fire

Endless by Tawdra Kandle #bookblast

Endless After the tumult of her high school senior year, all is right in Tasmyn Vaughan’s world. She’s attending college with her boyfriend, and she’s learning to control her powers. Everything is finally perfect, until it isn’t. When her new part-time job leads to more than she bargained for, Tasmyn is thrown into a deadly […]

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