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Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown by Alan Daniels

Genre: Erotica

When George Aloysius Brown, a retired civil servant, accepts a challenge from his creative writing teacher to ‘step outside his comfort zone’ and write erotica, his research leads him into a bizarre world of strange and fascinating characters.

He visits a S&M club where he befriends a trainee dominatrix who wants to be a ballet dancer. He auditions for an adult movie directed by a titled lady. He visits a librarian who entertains “assertive older gentlemen.” George enjoys his new life as a researcher until he buys telephone sex from a B grade movie actress and it all goes horribly wrong.

The plot thickens when he forms a literary alliance with Catherine Mallory Jones, a beautiful Cambridge University graduate and aspiring romance writer, who has a dark sexual past. When her past catches up with her and she fears for her life, she turns to George for help. Their friendship deepens and there is one final improbable adventure.  Purchase on Amazon

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*About the Author* Award-winning journalist Alan Daniels was a daily newspaper reporter and editor in London, Sydney, Hong Kong and Vancouver. Married with children, he is currently working on his second novel.

My review: 

This book has 3 outstanding qualities: humor, great characters and sex. The two main characters, Catherine and George, have humorous and sweet chemistry. Catherine and George belong to the same writing club. Their teacher/adviser basically calls George vanilla and dares him to go outside of his box and write racier stuff.  Drawing from his adventures with his late wife George decides to find out if all women secretly like the same thing as his wife: spanking. In his quest and attempts at research George and Katherine’s path intersect in very interesting and “improbable” events. I love the concept of George’s book “Fly on the Wall”. His version of how historic love affairs “went down”, based on the Dr. Who series. Catherine’s tale is a bit racier and bumpy than George’s. She deals with abuse, scandal and finally finds a decent guy in a very unexpected place. This story made me laugh out loud at quite a few places. It was a great story, definitely worth the read.


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