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20140710-224345-81825921.jpgSong of the Highlands
by K.E. Saxon

Morgana Cambel, harbors only one wish: To have one night of ecstasy with Robert MacVie. So, when she is offered such a chance—a secret switch—she determines to take it. Robert MacVie, desperately plots to ensnare his heiress lover into marriage in order to gain her dowry and pay his King the debt his late father owed. But a last minute switch changes the course of his life—and his heart—forever.

Read an excerpt from the book:

“Mmm. ‘Tis tasty,” he said between chews. “Rabbit?”

Morgana nodded. She’d been assigned to the kitchens at the nunnery, a thing, it turned out, that pleased her well. For she loved to cook and she loved to feed those she cared for.

He took hold of her other hand and raised it to his lips, placing a kiss in its palm. “Lovely.”

Morgana trembled. Was he talking about her? Or the rabbit stew?

After the night she’d just shared with him, her heart had grown ever fonder, and she craved to know that he might be feeling a bit of the same hopeful joy that she was feeling now.

She leaned down and kissed him on the lips. ‘Twas a bold move, she knew, a romantic gesture. For, she knew, much deeper feelings could be relayed in a kiss than in the act of copulation of which so many at court partook.

Her heart warmed when he returned the kiss in like fashion. She smiled into it, then grinned when he did the same. He whacked her on the bottom, saying, “Finish cooking my meal, woman, else I’ll not have the energy to finish where we left off last night.”

My review:

Don’t feel daunted by the size of this book. Once you get into it – totally flies by. The whole story revolves around Morgana and her family. Basically half of her family is normal and sane, the other half not so much. In a twist of fate she ends up with Robert….a brute of a man who has a heart of gold not to mention a huge debt on his shoulders. I really liked the progression of their relationship and how their entire family and friends end up wrapped up in their life in some shape or form. It wasn’t just a straightforward romance book. There was deceit, battles and a few parties. One of the better ‘medieval’ romance books I have read in awhile.

K.E. Saxon is a third-generation Texan and has been a lover of romance fiction since her first (sneaked) read of her older sister’s copy of The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She has two cats, a 26-year-old cockatiel, and a funny, supportive husband. When she isn’t in her writer’s cave writing, you can find her puttering in her organic vegetable garden or in her kitchen trying out a new recipe. An animal (and bug) lover since before she could speak, she made pets of all kinds of critters when she was a kid growing up. Her mother even swears that she made a pet of a cockroach one time (but K.E. doesn’t believe her). She likes to write humorous, sexy romances.

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  1. Rita Wray says

    I enjoyed the excerpt, sounds good.

  2. Nice review

  3. Janice Cooper says

    I like the review of the book. Sounds like romance and mystery!

  4. While I love historical romances, this particular time period is generally not my favorite. After reading the review, it has made a believer of me. Thanks for the excerpt too.

  5. Love Scotsmen, so I’m certainly intrigued!

  6. Linda Trinklein says

    I love reading the excerpt, sounds great! 😀

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    I also love having all the social links to find the book, author, etc.
    It is so much easier to click, thank search for them!! thanks

  8. Thomas Murphy says

    I liked the excerpt

  9. i enjoyed the excerpt

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