Eve, The Eve Novels by Anna Carey

20130416-215403.jpgI wasn’t sure what I would get when I started this series. But as I dove right into this post-apocalyptic novel I was immediately drawn to the story line. I loved how each book progressed the troubles that Eve was dealing with being an escapee from a life she never dreamed she would lead. I enjoyed all the characters and the way they developed throughout the series.

The first story, Eve, was set up after the world had changed due to a plague that swept through the world killing off many of the older people throughout the country. We learn that the girls have been sent to a School, a school were there are no men or boys on the premises, were they learn much of the same that we would today. Except they learn the dangers of man and to be fearful of how they lure females into their games to destroy them.

In an effort not to give away too much of what happens in the novel and some of the things that I think make it such an interesting read I can’t give away more of the story. Except that Eve has a decision to make, to believe what she’s been taught all her life or follow her heart and the things she sees in front of her.

I fell in love with this series and found myself dreading the moment when I would have to set the book down and stop reading for the day. Each book felt like a natural progression in what would happen in this world that Anna Carey created. As I finished the third book I did find myself looking back to the Hunger Games and seeing similarities between the heroines.

I loved this series and would defiantly strongly recommend it to people to read. Especially those who like stories with a slightly similar idea to the Hunger Game.

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