Consequences by Liz Shulte #bookreview

Consequences by Liz Shulte

(Part 3 of the Guardian Trilogy)

230 pages

Genre: Fantasy 

In the final installment of the Guardian Trilogy, hope is born, alliances change, and the fate of a world is held in the hands of two people.

Forced to face the wrath of either Heaven or Hell, Olivia and Holden must choose a side before a war begins and tears their lives apart forever. They always felt an unseen force brought them together, but was it to prevent the end of their world or to ensure it?

Their Secrets threatened to destroy them. Their Choices lead them to this moment. The Consequences cannot be avoided.

My review:

I have already expressed my love for Liz Shulte in my Choices review. The characters of Olivia and Holden are so perfectly crafted you seriously feel like you are standing next to them. I know I mentioned that in my first review but in this book I was seriously impressed on how absorbed I became in this book. I was ignoring FaceBook notifications (this says a lot), my kids asking me stuff (hope I didn’t promise them a car) and my poor husband. LOL  I was so wrapped up in Olivia and Holden circling each other…do they finally give in? Or will Olivia’s loyalty change when she finds out secrets that were being held from her? Another question that is brought up was “exactly what did Olivia come back as?”.  A guardian? A demon? An elder? The answer might shock you. 🙂 In my last review I said Holden was my favorite character, now he’s tied for first with Femi, the bad-ass sekhmet, who despite being a neutral supe takes Olivia’s side in all of this. She’s blunt, sexy and loyal. She has all the qualities I look for in a friend.  I can not express how perfectly Liz wrapped up this series. I hope she has more plans for these characters up her sleeve but if she doesn’t…that’s ok too. Thanks again Liz for another great story!

I received a copy of Consequences ARC to facilitate my review, positive review was not required.

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