The Twelfth Keeper by Belle Malory

The Twelfth KeeperAt first I wasn’t sure I would like this book. It is written in third person and personally I find stories written in third person tend to lose my interest. I like being able to read and  feel like I’m getting lost in the story, like I’m the character. A few chapters into The Twelfth Keeper I became so involved in the story that I couldn’t put the book down. Belle Malory shows us a future Earth that has seen devastation, like the destruction of China, and the 12 people who will keep the Earth safe from more destruction by any means necessary.

After going through some unscheduled immunizations for high school Kennedy Mitchell is told that she is the twelfth keeper of Earth. A keeper who would protect Earth from destructive forces with their strength, wisdom and something a little bit more. Kennedy finds herself being forced to accept that she has all these powers and strengths and that she is destined to be the greatest of all the keepers. If she can get past the instant draw she has to Phoenix Jorgensen.

The first book in this series The Twelfth Keeper really seemed to be a story about a teenage girl who refused to admit what she was. While Kennedy gave up her life to assure her family would be financially set she dismissed any attempt that her trainers had to show her the powers she could wield and what she was capable of. Kennedy learns that the keepers are more than just super strength and smarts, they can also control one of the four elements. Only problem is she’s afraid of the element she can manipulate. As Kennedy and Phoenix unsuccessfully try to keep their feelings for one another inside they unintentionally fall deeper for each other as Phoenix helps her see what she really is. And in the process they find out a plan that goes against everything the keepers stand for.

I really enjoyed this book. Although it came to a sudden peak with a quick result. I felt a little let down by the climax, I wish that it could have been a little more than here’s the problem, now we here’s the villain, oh wait never mind it’s solved onto the next thing. After finishing the book it seemed like it was more a set up of character development that would get you drawn in for an epic plot in the second story. I was defiantly drawn in and am very excited to see where the second story will take us.

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