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When fifteen year-old Hawke feels fed up with not being able to walk, he escapes in his mind to a misty island filled with moorlands, ancient forests, and monolithic stones: a place where he can move and run and accomplish heroic quests.

His life is turned upside down, though, when he’s thrust into this dream world and finds it real! He becomes ‘Star Catcher.’ The job? Track and collect shooting stars or meteors sent from a more advanced civilization, which have powers that protect the island from approaching evil. He finds many helpers along the way: a serving girl who can communicate with animals and create light, an alluring mermaid, a savvy one-eyed crow, and an old farmer with a secret.

Hawke must also discover what’s going on inside the imposing mansion called Moon House. Why do rooms change? Why do objects mysteriously shift? Who lives inside the old forest behind the place and why is the Star Catcher forbidden to enter it? And most importantly, who are Hawke and his stars really battling against? An evil genius? A pirate-like group called the Shrikers who have taken over the island? An Ancient Magic? Or, maybe an aspect of himself?

Read an excerpt:

Somewhere in the distance a cock crowed. It was apparently off-schedule, like the songbird in the hedge. The stars appeared pale and soft. The sky, like the tomb, seemed to whisper of sleep, hanging around them like a blue blanket. But the gentle atmosphere changed.

Streaking from south to north, a giant, green object appeared. At first it was merely a splotch of color, reminding Hawke of a flower. Next, it etched a giant arc, like a brush stroke on a wide-open canvas.

“Man, it’s…” Hawke dropped his arms and gasped.

Emma, gaping at the sky, touched his shoulder. “But it’s not landing here. It’s going down in that field.”

After she spoke, a lot of things happened at once: the bird burst shrieking out of the hedge; a skinny man wearing a long, tattered cloak popped out from seemingly the same spot and started running to where the star streaked down; Haz appeared from nowhere, soaring alongside the man’s head.

Emma gave Hawke a push. “Run, Hawke, he’s after your star!”

But it’s too late, it’s futile, Hawke thought. The man had already loped far down through the field, his arms flailing. He had a horrible, surreal aspect, reminding Hawke of a wind-up doll. Forcing himself to action, Hawke pushed past the hedge, leaped over the fence, and plunged into the field. The farther he ran, the more energy he picked up. “Go!” he heard Emma spurring him on.

The star, hitting the ground, continued to glow fiercely, sending up vibrating rays of pale green light. It lay at the right end of the field, submerged for the most part by tall grasses, close to a copse of trees. The ragged man appeared to be almost upon it. Haz, shooting alongside him, started to shriek. Even though the bird’s raucous caws rang loud enough to wake the whole countryside, the man appeared oblivious to the crow. Hawke saw that he now knelt in the grass, and was lifting the big glowing object, maybe the size of a cantaloupe. He flaunted it in triumph over his head, then, started to rise on teetering legs, the crow pecking frenziedly at his battered hat. Hawke had nearly reached them, when a second bird shot down from the sky. It succeeded in knocking off the hat and, like Haz, lunged ferociously at the head. The figure made a strange sound, almost a cry, and dropped the star, still faintly glowing. Hawke rushed up and grabbed the object. As he looked back into the man’s face, he gave a cry of horror.

My review:
Hawke is a fantastic example of what a kid can do if they set their minds on a goal. His life is what I had dreamed of happening to me when I was younger. Just close my eyes and be transported into another world. Hawke got more than he bargained for thought when he gets caught up in a whole other world and given the huge responsibility of being the Star Catcher and help save the island from an unknown danger.

The Star Catcher is a fantastic fantasy story for YA. Probably 11-14 year olds would really get into it. You get to travel along with Hawke on his adventures and help him save his new friends!

About the author:

IMG_3763.JPGAfter studying at Newcomb College in New Orleans and the London Polytechnic, Molly became a full time journalist and photographer and published over 80 articles in magazines, like Fine Gardening and Woman’s Day Specials. Molly’s first love, though, is writing fiction. She has completed three novels for teens and tweens, including The Twilight Garden, Dragon Dazzle, and The Star Catcher. Today she lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with probably too many cats.

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  3. Really great review and excerpt. I know a YA that will love this book.

  4. Thank you for hosting my book! I appreciated your review and the way you caught the spirit of my story. The Star Catcher was a labor of love for me–and Hawke was based on a real person who was very heroic. The ‘other world’ was inspired by places I have visited and loved–such as Cornwall, England.

  5. What got you into writing YA?

    • Maybe because part of me never quite grew up. Also some of my favorite books are especially appealing to YA (like The Lord of the Rings)–or have young people or children as the main focus. Another reason could be that I am raising a 15 year old granddaughter!

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