The Countenance Trilogy, Book 1 Ephemeral by Addison Moore

epAfter a fatal accident Laken wakes up to find herself in a strange  place, when she knows she should be dead. She’s in a world with things that can’t be explained; full of zombies, ghost and angels. Laken quickly finds herself accepting things that she thought were long-lost to her when she lays her eyes on her dead brother and his best friend (the love of her life).The story quickly escalates as she tries to figure out why everything is so different in this new place and yet so the same. Why does she seem to be the only person who knows that this new life is all made up, all designed by someone else? She sets herself on a mission to make Wesley, her long-lost love, remember all the things they once had together when they lived, what Laken, believes to be their real life back in Kansas. The only problem is she is drawn in by the first person she set eyes on in this new world, Cooper. As the story continues Laken finds herself divided by Wesley and Cooper and the life she once lived and the new life she’s living.

Does she stay in this new world with the guy who she has always thought to be the love of her life, the guy she lost too early or does she try to find her way back to her old life without him? Does she stay with this new Wes, someone she doesn’t even recognize or does she follow where her heart is pulling her to Cooper?

I have to start out by saying I did love this book. Addison Moore put together a story with different aspects of the afterlife and supernatural things that didn’t seem like they would belong together, like the combination of zombies and angels, but the story came together in an effortless flow. I loved the characters and the way they all interacted with each other, it was easy to believe that all the things that were happening should be happening. However, after a while it felt like Laken was just stuck on her love triangle. Continuously going on and on about why she loved Wes or why she loved Cooper. I felt like I was reading the same thing throughout the book and after getting through about half the book I hoped that Laken would shift her focus of off her teenage obsession with love. Another thing that seemed to drag on through the story was the over abundance of descriptions of everything. I love when a story can paint a picture using description to bring me to see what the characters do but sometimes it felt like the descriptions in this book drug on and on. But as the end of this book neared Laken seemed to start to change the way she was viewing the world she was in and the story began to shift from the love triangle to something much more.

This was truly an interesting story and I can’t wait to start on the next book in the trilogy.

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