The Artificial Mirage by T. Warwick #bookreview

A relentless pursuit from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia in which augmented reality distorts the nature of attachment and desire.

In a world where augmented reality blurs the line between the real and the computer generated, Charlie cherishes the reality of Lauren….

His life as a young American banker in Vietnam seems idyllic until a series of events precipitate her disappearance.

When her trail leads to Saudi Arabia, he must navigate a criminal underworld. The stakes grow higher as it becomes apparent that reality isn’t what it once was.

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My review:
The entire time I was reading this book it felt like a movie playing out in my head. It was heavy on the technology, a little light on the plot. When I read a book I like to see a lot of character development in the story. The Artificial Mirage was a little too slow with the character development for me, but for some one who is super into SciFi only books, this would be a dream! It’s very intelligently written, fast paced in spots and basically a techies dream. Charlie is trapped in a reality that feels like Outer Limits and Total Recall all wrapped into one. It’s fascinating to read as his story unfolds. It’s total chaos. Augmented Reality is something that is plausible and a very scary thought. Seriously though, if you are a SciFi fan who likes your stories heavy on the tech, grab this.

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