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Chasing the Witch

After the events of Mark of the Witch, Jilly at last begins to breathe easier though her powers are still growing. But can she harness them in time to confront a new chain of events that threatens to change everything?

Caroline has finally accepted her life as a witch, but when a stranger comes into her life she’s forced to question her family loyalty.

The sisters are thrown together to protect a young girl from the enemy determined to hunt her down. Can they save her — and themselves?

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I recently had the chance to interview Patrick, William’s brother. I thought I would give him a chance to let people get to know him a little and maybe clear up some of the rumors…’s what he had to say via author Jessica Gibson:

Thanks for having us on your blog today Jen! Patrick was kind enough to answer some questions for you all. I hope you enjoy what he had to say.

Jen: Do you think your relationship with William will ever be healed?
Patrick: *laughs* My relationship with my brother is complicated. I’m not sure what the future will hold for our relationship. As of now, we have an uneasy truce. It will take a long time to erase what happened in the past.

Jen: What does being an amarathine mean to you?
Patrick: I’ve had many years to consider that. To me it simply means a deathless life. No matter what happens, and how much I might wish to die, it will never happen. That being said, never having to grow old is a wonderful thing.

Jen: Do you consider yourself one of the good guys or bad?
Patrick: *smiles and winks* That, my darling, is a loaded question. I guess it would depend on who you ask. I’ve never considered myself to be a bad guy, but not everyone agrees with that. I like to get my own way, do people sometimes get in the way of that? Yes. Do people sometimes regret that decision? Yes. I hope I don’t frighten you too much Jen, I’m really a nice guy once you get to know me. 

Jen: Clear up one misconception about yourself.
Patrick: Just one? *laughs* I’m not a psychopath as my white knight brother has made me out to be. I made some mistakes in my past, I was young, and I had a lot of power. Can anyone really say they haven’t made mistakes in the past?

Jen: Mary, was she always crazy?
Patrick: *sighs* Mary was always intense. I’m sure the years did nothing to help that.

Jen: Do you think there is a future for you and Caroline?
Patrick: *smiles* If she will have me then yes there is a future. I would like nothing more than to spend an eternity worshipping at her feet. She is everything that is good in me.

Jen: Boxers or briefs?
Patrick: *laughs* That is something I’ve just discovered in the past few months. We never had anything like that in my day. I find that I prefer something called a boxer brief. I’ll let you use your imagination on what that looks like on me. *winks*

Jen: When you were trapped in the tomb, what did you do to pass the time? Were you bored?
Patrick: I read a lot, I still possessed my magic, I just could not use it to escape. I was bored a lot of the time, it’s a terrible thing to be alone for so many years.

Jen: Do you think redemption is possible? Can people change?
Patrick: I personally don’t feel like I need to be redeemed. The past is the past, either accept me or don’t. I do believe people can change, and yes, I have changed a bit over the years, but I’m still the same person on the inside. Take me or leave me, I apologize for nothing.

Thank you Patrick and Jessi for taking the time to answer my questions!

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About The Author: 

Jessica Gibson is a recovering bookaholic, she’s down from four books a week to a more reasonable one. It was that love of words and creativity that made her dream about writing her first book. That dream was hidden for years, always put on the back burner, filed away in the “someday” section, until her husband Matt gave her the kick in the pants she needed to actually get off her butt and write.

Jessica and Matt live in Southern California and have a serious addiction to reality tv shows like Pawn Stars and American Restoration. They have one son and hope to add to the family in the near future.

Aside from writing, she runs an online event planning business called the Release Day Diva. In addition to novels, Jessica writes and maintains the blog Book on the Bright Side. Keep up with Jessica and her latest releases and events on her blog.

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