Our Time (The Rub Down #2) by Gina Sheldon

Will Luke hold onto his rules and let Alexa go, or will they be able to cross the finish line together?

The Way Back to Me by Anne Mercier

I’m going to fix it—fix her. It’s time I showed Olivia her way back…

Back to the girl she used to be.

Palm South University: Season 2 by Kandi Steiner

Drama. Lies. Sex.

Unspeakable by Kristen Hope Mazzola

Everyone has their damn breaking point, why did the president of my MC’s daughter have to be mine?

The Scar Series Box Set by Nikki Sparxx

Title: The Scars Series Box Set Author: Nikki Sparxx Release Date: March 10, 2016 Find on Goodreads The Scars of Us (#1) – Kaiya Marlow has always been cautious, precise in every decision she makes. When her dark past threatens to resurface, she decides to take precautions to protect herself by enrolling in self-defense classes […]

Abruption by Riley MacKenzie

Title: Abruption Author: Riley Mackenzie Release Date: Jan 3, 2016 Find on Goodreads Everyone has a plan. Dr. Guy Hunter secures his dream fellowship with a beautiful free spirit by his side. Two unexpected blue lines don’t even shake his resolve—he is on his way to having it all. Until he isn’t. Abruption: a sudden […]

Who I am With You by M. Lynne Cunning

People only reveal what they want you to


Soldiers’s Heart by Megan Green Cover Reveal

Title: Soldier’s Heart (Wounded Love #2) Author: Megan Green Release Date: March 29, 2016 Find on Goodreads Isaiah Wright is broken. So broken he’s positive he’ll never be fixed again. Surviving every soldier’s worst nightmare is enough for him to want nothing more than to give into the blackness that plagues him. Emma Nicholls knows […]

Waiting on Wesley by Dixie Rae

Title: Waiting on Wesley Author: Dixie Rae Release Date: Jan 6, 2016 Find on Goodreads In the small town of Bailey, country music, motorcycles, and reckless teenagers are the norm. Fallon Davis and Wesley Jones are no exception. That is, until Wesley disappears from Fallon’s life when she needs him the most. After losing everything […]

Insider by Olivia Cunning #BookReview @OliviaCunning

I completely and totally love the chemistry between Logan and Toni. It was instant, wild and passionate.

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