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Ryder could hear the rushing water. They were getting closer. Just a few more minutes and they would be safe. He navigated his way through the trees and to the edge of a clearing. Ahead he saw his intended destination. Through the mist from a waterfall, a moonbow shimmered. Brooklyn couldn’t believe her eyes. “How can there be a rainbow in the middle of the night?” she asked. “We’re almost there Brooklyn, just a few more feet,” Ryder panted. Pulling her by the hand, he led them into the small lake at the base of the waterfall, and then quickly waded out to the middle of the moonbow. “Brooklyn,” Ryder said turning and looking into her eyes. “There is something very bad following us. If it catches us, it will kill us. There’s only one way I can keep you safe right now. Please, you have to trust me.” Brooklyn stared into his deep green eyes. “I think I believe you,” she replied. “But…” before she could agree, a bone-chilling snarl interrupted. “Quick,” Ryder said rummaging through his pockets. “Drink this!” He presented her with one of two small glass vials filled with an indigo liquid. Brooklyn downed the sugary formula and her eyes widened. What had been chasing them finally burst into the clearing. She dropped the empty bottle and a blood-curdling scream escaped her lips just as the large beast lunged straight for them. Right before the indescribable thing reached them Brooklyn felt like something hooked her by the shirt and ripped her away. It felt like an invisible rollercoaster. It pulled her up, down, left, right and every other way it could. Hot air blasted her in the face making perspiration dampen her brow. The only thing keeping her from throwing up was Ryder’s hand tightly gripping hers. She struggled to see him as a dense fog encircled their bodies. Then they were falling. She felt her fingers slipping from his grasp. Panic and confusion set in. It felt like forever until a jolt threw her forward and she slammed into the ground and everything went black.

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