Endless Knight (The Arcana Chronicles) by Kresley Cole

I knew when I read the first book in this series, Poison Princess, that I was hooked. When I saw that the second book was out I didn’t hesitate to begin the series again. I was not disappointed, actually Endless Knight far exceeded what I thought it would be.
In Endless Knight we find Evie conflicted with who she wants to be and what her calling, the tarot Empress, has been destined to do. She finds herself stuck in a game with 22 other teens with powers of their own, all fighting to be the last tarot card standing and winning immortality. With help from her friends and allies and the one mortal she feels deeply connected to Evie sets out to end the games uniting all the cards and destroying the winner of the last 3 games; Death. But Death remembers things about the past games that Evie doesn’t. Things that connect them in a much deeper way.
When Evie is in her element as the tarot Empress she is strong, unbending to everyone and everything, as a girl she is searching for answers to who she is, how the apocalypse came to be, she yearns to know if her mortal companion Jack feels more for her than just a fulfillment of a promise he made to her dying mother and how she can stop the Empress from taking over and changing the person she was.
I’m a big fan of Kresley Cole’s writing and books. The pictures she paints make me feel like I am right in the story with the characters. I am a quick reader but I’ve never read anything as fast as I did Endless Knight. It was a book I couldn’t put down and now that it’s done I’m mad that I have to wait for another book, The cliffhanger was perfect, it left me wanting so much more but I loved the way the book progressed.

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