Destiny & Destiny Unveiled Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Gabriella is a witch. The problem is, she doesn’t remember.
She repressed the memories of her powers years ago when her mother was
murdered. Now, the warlock who was responsible for her mother’s death has set
his sights on Gabriella. He is determined to use her fear to turn her to the
dark side of magick…even if it kills her. Her mother’s spirit is reaching out
to warn her, but even that she pushes away. Desperate to save her daughter, the
spirit finds a male witch–one that just happens to be in love with Gabriella.
Darron is more than willing to help but the two young witches will have way
more to battle than just an evil warlock. There are overbearing jocks and petty
rich girls who get tempers flaring and often set Gabriella and Darron at odds.
There is more to the story than Gabriella and Darron could even
imagine. There are terrible secrets to be revealed, battles to be waged, and
lives will be lost. Only after Gabriella and Darron both come to terms with who
they really are, and open themselves up to the true meaning of magick, can they
have any hope of fulfilling their destiny.
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Destiny Unveiled
Gabriella and Darron thought their magickal battle was over
when they defeated the evil warlock, Richard. When her Aunt Donna seeks
Gabriella’s help in rescuing her catatonic daughter from the Dark Coven, Gabriella
discovers that her cousin holds a power within her that would be catastrophic
in the hands of the evil witches. Gabriella’s coven sets out on a journey that
may be their last. Along the way, they meet new allies, face devastating
treachery, and battle not only the Dark Coven, but the darkness within
themselves. When Gabriella finally comes face to face with the cousin she never
knew existed, her true destiny is unveiled, and the fate of the mortal world is
in her hands.
 Available on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.



About the Author


“Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and
four children. She loves writing in the young adult genre because it
keeps her young at heart. In addition to writing fiction, Laura is
also the editor of a popular review blog called New Age Mama.  Her current works include Destiny,
Destiny Unveiled, Phantom, Morrigan, Demon
and Player.

The Giveaway

To celebrate the release of the new covers, Author Laura DeLuca is giving away a prize pack that includes a oil diffuser, incense and burner, decorative wooden keepsake box, lavender scented drawer liners, a crystal point, stone pendant, and signed copies of Destiny & Destiny Unveiled with the original covers.


The Whimsical Pixie Etsy
Shop is also donating a beautiful altar set inspired by the original
cover of Destiny Unveiled.
The book’s cover was recreated on the altar box lid; the design was
first set in pyrography, painted, stain and given a protective coating
of high gloss polycrylic. The flower Celtic knot pentagram is worn by
Gabby and her friends as a symbol of unity and has been pyrographed on
the altar tile. Red paint was floated around the perimeter to
coordinate with the Blood Moon of the cover. A red rose in full bloom
was used on both millefiori* pieces; the censor and charcoal tongs. It
symbolizes the Gabby’s destiny being unveiled.
A scene in the
book tells of the young hero doing spell work on the beach using a drift
wood wand to cast a circle and sea shells to form a pentagram. Both of
these have been included as well as censor sand and a roll of charcoal
disks so you can perform your own ritual. Whether you’re just starting
to walk the path or have for years, this kit makes an attractive
addition to your ritual tools.

One lucky winner is going to receive both these fabulous prize packs. To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form
below. This giveaway will end on  3/28/13. Open to the US only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply.
Thanks again to The Whimsical Pixie and the author for offering this fantastic prize.

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