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Bring Down The FuriesBring Down The Furies

Sherman’s troops burned it the first time. Now a serial arsonist threatens a small South Carolina town and private investigator Quint Mitchell is caught in the backdraft. When Quint follows the “Heartthrob Bandit” to the hamlet of Allendale, he finds himself in the crossfire of an ugly cultural war between an ultraconservative minister and the scientist who may have discovered proof of the oldest humans ever found in North America.

As the heat grows more intense, arson turns to murder, and Quint is embroiled in a growing firestorm that threatens to destroy Allendale for the second time. A media frenzy surrounding the clash of faith and science whips emotions to a fiery crescendo. With time running out, Quint is the only man standing between a vicious killer with nothing to lose and his plan to bring down the furies on Allendale and Quint.

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Read an excerpt of Bring Down The Furies:

The front door swung open as I cautiously climbed the steps leading to the wraparound porch surrounding the Magnolia Inn. An elderly woman I assumed was Verla Covington grinned at me. She stood no taller than five one or two, almost bird-like, but a healthy, well-fed bird, with an impish face dappled with age spots. She wore a colorful frock covered with tiny white flowers.

“You must be that damaged Florida boy Allene called about,” she yelled at me as though I was on the next block rather than a few feet away.

I gripped the handrail, struggling to hold onto my overnight bag while forcing myself up each step. Bolts of pain accompanied me to the top, and I expanded on the list of tortures I wished upon DeAngelis. Finally on the porch, I grasped one of the white columns, feeling like I’d just summited Mount Everest instead of climbing a few stairs.

“You look like you could use some help,” she said without moving.

I shuffled toward her and extended a hand. “I’ll be okay. I’m Quint Mitchell. Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Covington.”

“Boy, you’re going to be in a heap of trouble if you insist on calling me Mrs. Covington. It’s been thirty-five years since poor Fred had that accident at the pig farm, so I’m not a Mrs. anymore. You call me Verla, you hear?”

Verla grasped my outstretched hand and a spark of recognition buzzed through my head, a distinct feeling that I’d met this woman before. I knew that wasn’t possible, but the feeling lingered as I stared at Verla Covington, trying to find a match in my memory vault.

“You’re lucky we had a vacancy, young man. May is when the volunteers come in to help at the Savannah River Archaeology Survey. We usually have a full house, but I guess most of them are camping out this year.”

“I appreciate the use of one of your rooms for a few days.”

She squeezed my hand tighter, offering me a broad smile full of small, yellow teeth except for a gap where an incisor was missing. “They’re bedchambers, not rooms,” she corrected me. “You need to learn southern if you’re going to stay here. You’ll be bunking in the Colonel’s Chamber. It’s very masculine. Best of all, it’s right next to my bedchamber.” She tossed a lascivious wink in my direction.


About Author Parker FrancisParker Francis

Parker Francis is the pen name of author Victor DiGenti. As Parker, I write gritty, fast-paced mysteries filled with murder, violence and laced with humor. The first in my Quint Mitchell Mystery series was MATANZAS BAY, an award-winning adventure set in the nation’s oldest city. The second in the series, BRING DOWN THE FURIES, takes PI Mitchell to Allendale, SC where he becomes embroiled in an ugly cultural war and comes face to face with a serial arsonist.

In my first life I worked for the Public Broadcasting stations in NE Florida with diverse duties that included public affairs producer, director, reporter, fundraiser and producer of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. My first three books were written using my real name. They were adventure/fantasies with a feline protagonist. The WINDRUSHER trilogy won multiple awards and attracted readers of all ages.

Parker (aka Vic) lives in NE Florida with his wife and their rescued cats who tolerate them as long as their bowls are filled and litter boxes emptied.

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