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Spring Break

An all-expenses paid trip to Cancun for spring break? It wasn’t exactly a hard sell for Leigh, Eva, Gia and Joy, frenemies from Arizona Southern University. But all is not well in the land of silver or lead. Soon after arriving, Leigh and the girls stumble upon some cartel carnage—a bloodbath of debauchery that makes even their wildest desert party seem tame.

Instead of doing the proper thing, like contacting the authorities, the girls go down the rabbit hole in this tale of sex, lies and bloodshed. It’s all fun and games until they make the acquaintance of Guero, a cartel kingpin who is none too pleased with their newfound lust for blood money.

These perky coeds aren’t on campus anymore, and after Guero lets them know just how serious he is, they make a run for the border no one will ever forget.

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My review:

Wow. In the beginning of this book I felt like I was back in high school again. I was worried this was going to be another run of the mill fluff murder-mystery book. I was totally wrong. The writer has a way of drawing you in, you almost feel like you can envision every scene.  You can almost smell the free flowing tequila and gunpowder. The girls petty differences seem small in comparison after the crazy ride they go on after a night of wild partying at the hotel owners residence. What’s the saying? The meek shall inherit the earth? The two least likely to wear Prada give a few drug-lords a run for the money, and not in the way you might expect! Highly entertaining book. If you are looking for a great read that’s a little different, start here. 🙂


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