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Dark Passing (The Ella Reynolds Series)

Mary Nelson’s murder shocked the small town of Jackson. The vibrant, young college student disappeared on her way home. A week later her body was found in the trunk of a burning car. No suspects. No evidence. No case.

Ella Reynolds’ life had finally turned around. With a new book released, the past safely tucked away, and a burgeoning romance, she begins to live again. Then a plea from a woman whose daughter’s murder remains unsolved ignites Ella’s curiosity—and drags her back into the dark world she fought so desperately to escape.

Curiosity turns to obsession as Ella inches closer to the truth—and the murderer begins to claim new victims.

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My review:

After reading Dark Corners I was in love with the character Ella.  She is tough, a fighter and even though she seems not to be aware of it, a medium. I love the way she relates to people. I love that she’s like me, not really a people person, but always seems to be surrounded by people. LOL Ella is a self proclaimed hermit, even after she helped solve her husband’s murder in Dark Corners. Her transition back into the world of the living has been slow and rocky. She is sought out by a mother of one of her fans to help solve her daughter’s murder, which Ella was intrigued into investigating. Ella is thrown into a world of lies, political maneuvering and small town thinking. At the same time Ella is dealing with the fame of her book about her husbands murder and her growing romance with Gabriel who’s not happy she is so far away and putting herself in a seemingly dangerous case.

I honestly feel like no matter what words I use it will not do justice at how I felt with this book. I am obsessed with this series and characters just as much as I was with Liz’s Guardian series.  One of my favorite things about Liz’s books are that they are so story heavy. I don’t feel like my time is being wasted with needless descriptions of the scenery or some one’s hair color. The weaving of the stories form a picture in my mind and that’s all I need! Thanks Liz for yet another great read. 🙂

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  1. Ella was the first character I ever wrote that I loved. I was so nervous that people wouldn’t like her. Thank you for getting her dark and twisty sense of humor and anti-social tendencies.

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