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When Reporter Cheyenne Gentry gets an Instant Message she tries to ignore it, but the sender wants her to know he murdered someone tonight. Cheyenne thinks it’s a hoax but finds out it’s not. Then the killer tells her he wants her to write his story. Cheyenne wants nothing to do with the story or the killer but the killer won’t let her refuse his request. Will he let her live long enough to find him or will she become another chapter to his story?


My Review:

I haven’t picked up a mystery/ suspense book in awhile so it was a nice change of pace from my usual supernatural books. It had a quick pace, not unlike a movie or mini-series, that captured your attention quickly. The plot could be a little choppy at times but the flow of the story made up for and I liked the premise behind the “cards of sin”. Cheyenne is quickly thrown, unwittingly, into a serial killers deluded fantasy and warped sense of justice. The most shocking part is he’s closer than she thought. She has to work with his sick time crunch, her friends dying or injured around her, all while trying not to give this guy the satisfaction of attention he is craving. It’s a great new take on an old plot idea and if you like mysteries, this is a good quick read!

By K.J. Dahlen
Published by Solstice Publishing
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Aug. 09, 2012
Words: 54874 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476379258

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