Layers Of Her By Prescott Lane

        A Letter to my Readers Rape. Just typing that word makes my gut tie up in knots. And that’s part of the problem. Because it’s so uncomfortable, we don’t want to talk about it. So it gets buried at the bottom … [Continue reading]

Lincoln Hospital by Cassia Brightmore Release Blitz

Lincoln Hospital by Cassia Brightmore Genre: Dark Romance/Medical Thriller Release Date:  April 18, 2016 Cover Model: Brendan James Photographer: Eric Battershell Designer: Concierge Literary Promotions     On the twenty-third … [Continue reading]

Way to Roll by Mandy Colton

Way to Roll by Mandy Colton GENRE: Romance (humorous) Secure your seat belt and get ready for another bumpy ride. Veronica Lane never considered her life dull as a single woman working in the travel industry as a sales representative—not until … [Continue reading]

Music: Book #9 in The Little Flame Series by Melissa Lummis

I’ve done things I’m ashamed of. I’ve stolen. I’ve lied. I’ve even taken a life or two. But what I have to do next makes all that look like random acts of kindness. Finding Dee’s murderer trumps all, no matter what the cost, even bonding myself to … [Continue reading]

Magnificent Agony by Katie Mettner #NewRelease and #Giveaway 

Title: Magnificent Agony Author: Katie Mettner Genre: Contemporary Romance Expected Release Date: April 19, 2016 Cover Designer: Carrie Butler at Forward Authority Design Services Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours Blurb: Eve Darling has … [Continue reading]

The Productivity Book by Michael Brecht @goddessfish

GENRE: Non-fiction/time management BLURB: Ever wondered what the secret is to productivity? Here’s a hint: there isn’t just one. Introducing the Doodle Productivity Book! Containing in-depth interviews with 30 of the world’s top productivity … [Continue reading]

Lassoing the Virgin Bride by Alexa Riley #adultromance

When Clare Stevens walked onto the McCallister ranch, she expected her life to be a certain way. She was the mail-order bride of the owner, and she was to fulfill her duties. Clean the house, cook for his men, and warm his bed at night. What she … [Continue reading]

Our Time (The Rub Down #2) by Gina Sheldon

Title: Our Time (The Rub Down #2) Author: Gina Sheldon Release Date: March 16, 2016 Find on Goodreads Unspeakable Devotion Fall in love with his best friend's sister? Danny Tortelli took care of that years … [Continue reading]

The Way Back to Me by Anne Mercier

Title: The Way Back to Me Author: Anne Mercier Release Date: Feb 22, 2016 Find on Goodreads She used to be perky, fun, and full of life—everything I hated about girls and their … [Continue reading]