Blood Sacrifice by Jill Cooper

So many things have already happened to the Blood sisters and their friends and remaining family by the end of Blood Debt, I wonder how much more can they really go through in Blood Sacrifice? A lot, there is still a whole heck of a lot more these sisters can be put through.

It seems like by the end of Blood Debt everyone has either gone through heartache, sacrifice or an exorcism. We learn so much about Gwen and Mike’s past, neither of them really the pillar of purity they might have us believe. We finally learn about Duncan’s poor sister. We see a huge shift in personalities between Amanda and Jessica and we get to see a peek at what their parents really did to save their girls. Although in the back of my head I can’t help but be the pessimist thinking if Lourdes was the one showing Jessica that their parents death was all about saving Amanda that maybe the vision wasn’t all on the up and up. There was just too many but what about this moments. I get that she waited to show Jessica so that she could use it as a breaking point… but what about the demon tattoo on his wrist? And then there is the point of Mike and Gwen, what did daddy Blood have to do with them and their loss?

Even though the final fight scene between the Blood sisters and Lourdes seemed short it felt like the perfect conclusion to me, or is it… Amanda, after finally kind of piecing her soul back together throws it away and not only saves her sister but it also appears she saves some of her friends. Well that and the world, but is the world really safe? With the throne of hell vacant there is no one to keep all those big nasties in their place. No one except the person we thought would be the last person to rule hell. Amanda. When I first started reading the series I thought for sure Jessica would be the one to not only defeat the evil hell queen but she would then be the one stuck in hell, ruling or maintaining order in some sort of way. I thought well, Amanda just seems like the most innocent and naïve person ever, stunted from growing up because Gwen always told them she had to stay pure. Mind blown to find out there is just way more to that story then the simple way I thought it could go. And it all starts with Gwen and Mike.

Speaking of Gwen and Mike. I want to root for them and their sort of forbidden love, I mean come on he’s not a priest Gwen if you want it go for it, but sometimes I have a hard time accepting them as a couple. For some reason I got it in my head in Blood Debt that there was more blooming with his relationship with Amanda then just a kind of fatherly trying to save the girl and the world kind of relationship. Maybe it’s because in my head I had him pegged as slightly younger, maybe someone just a little older than Duncan and then Aunt Gwen comes along and shows us their past and I have to accept him aging instantly and try to throw away all the speculation I had between Mike and Amanda.

So now Amanda is fighting these ‘hell’ urges as this crazy tattoo starts to climb up her arm. Light or dark this girl can’t go anywhere without the underworld trying to get their hands on her one way or the other. Is Lourdes really defeated or is she just kind of trapped inside Amanda? I think about it… so Lourdes was this big to do angel who ends up being casted out of heaven and thrown into the depths of hell becoming this even bigger to do. And our sweet Amanda is something of an angelic kind of person too, in both appearance and some of the abilities she can wield. So when her soul was fractured by Vaughn sure it saved her from being the person who granted Lourdes to destroy Earth and Heaven but it was also kind of like her falling from grace like Lourdes, we thought Amanda was Savior but really she has been destined to lead the life of a underworlder.

And now that Jessica has not only been to the underworld but lived the life of one of those tortured she will stop at nothing to figure out a way to save her baby sister from the life she seems destined to live but only after they find their way to save Duncan. This seems to be the first time Jessica really puts someone other than Amanda first. Sure along the way most of her focus is on keeping Amanda safe and away from the temptation that would surely pull her further and faster into hell but her main focus in on saving Duncan. Which after being in Vain’s clutches for x amount of time between her magic, illusions and suggestions I can’t see a Blood and Duncan reunion going very well.

As Blood’s, demons and well everyone travel to Vegas or really Sin Town, the seedy darker hidden and secret place basically behind Vegas, Amanda’s powers grow at a crazy rate and the darkness begins to call to her. There is really a fight between heaven and hell going on inside Amanda, but which one will win.

We’ve heard some talk about Angels through the Blood Sister series but really we haven’t seen much more than the strung up drugged out fallen angel that Vaughn had trapped. With no queen to keep all the demons from climbing from hell to earth and destroying all of humanity why haven’t the angels decided to step in? We’ve seen the kind of power a fallen angel has in Blood Debt, what kind of power can a fully charged angel or a group of them have against the uglies from hell?

Blood Sacrifice is by far my favorite book in the series. As the series has gone on it has gotten darker, the characters have developed in a way I never saw coming and things kept happening that kept me surprised. When I started Blood Lust I thought I would be able to predict where the arch of the series would go and what each characters personalities and end goals would be. But Blood Debt taught me I was very wrong and Blood Sacrifice had me devouring what was left in the story. Jill Cooper keeps the elements of humor, humanity and the downfall of power throughout the entire series and keeps the characters true to the people we were introduced to. I really fell in love with these characters and wanted nothing more than a happy ending after all their hardships and struggle against the evils threatening to destroy the world. But when you’re hunting demons can there ever really be a happy ending…
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Blood Sacrifice

Lourdes has been slain and the new queen of the underworld has been chosen.

It was the day the Blood sisters had been striving for. The day where they would be free of Lourdes and could go back to living normal lives, but with the underworld’s throne empty, the Earth plunges into chaos.

Rivers turn black, demons run amok, with more chaos is about to be unleashed. All the while demon hunter, Duncan Jasper, is prisoner of the enemy. Jessica will stop at nothing to free him from Vain, a bounty hunter who trades in the lives of humans.

Getting into her stronghold won’t be easy, and Vain will be expecting a fight, but what she won’t be expecting is Jessica’s secret weapon. The newly crowned queen of the underworld, her very own sister.

Jessica hopes Amanda can resist the dark magic now surging through her veins long enough for a special artifact—The Ruby Heart—to be found, the one thing that can purify Amanda’s heart and break the awful curse.

But Amanda has other plans. If she sacrifices herself to the underworld, she hopes to do one better. Kill the demons from the inside and free the trapped souls being tormented for an eternity.

One way or another, it will surely come to sister vs sister in a full-scale war.

All in the name of Blood.

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